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End of Year Letter from the Executive Director

I am sitting at my desk on this beautiful, unseasonably warm day and I am filled with gratitude. It feels like there are too many blessings to count. How lucky are we to show up in this hospitable weather to work with our furry facilitators and clients. Thanks to our beloved barn host, Tamara Lorenz, we have new equine facilitators joining our team. This fall we have another 8-week Leadership Development Program for teens from Youth Dynamics and one for 7–9-year-olds along with our weekly 1:1 sessions. Add to that, in September we hosted our third Annual Eagala Training and as a result we added 3 new Eagala certified Equine Specialist to facilitate in our program.

Chinook Horses has truly had a transformative year.

We received a capacity building grant from The MJ Murdock Foundation to underwrite a fulltime Development Associate position. This was not an easy feat, and a special shout out needs to go to Adam Decker, our Treasurer, who navigated their arduous requests for financial information with tenacity and patience. Receiving this funding is a huge vote of confidence, not only for the importance of the work we do but the belief in the sustainability of our organization.

Significant groundwork was laid from the beginning of our organization with the unwavering support of the Mary Alice Fortin Foundation and The Fortin Foundation of Florida and continues to do so. We received a programming grant from the Dennis and Phyllis Washington Foundation. This year we counted the Charles M. Bair Foundation among our significant supporters and an incredibly generous individual, Nancy Stanley. The culmination of this support sent a strong signal to MJ Murdock that what we do is of profound value to our community and there is a weighty need.

And at the core of it all is our individual supporters, YOU, who enable Chinook Horses to serve those in need and truly benefit from our services. I am going to close with a quote from one of our most ardent supporters, Linda Cladis, “I could not be more impressed by Chinook Horses’ knowledge and compassion for children and animals, providing healthy connection to facilitate in healing from trauma. Some things just make sense”. Won’t you join in supporting us as you consider your year-end giving?

Happy and Healthy New Year to you and your loved ones. As always, horse breaths ad whinnies to you!

Abigail Hornik-Minckler

Founder and Director


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