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Donor Corner: Adam Decker

In our latest Donor Spotlight, we are excited to introduce you to Adam Decker, a dedicated individual who has been making a significant impact through his involvement with Chinook Horses. Adam’s story is one of community connection, family engagement, and a shared passion for equine therapy. Let’s take a closer look at his journey and the meaningful contributions he’s been making.

A Familiar Home and a Strong Foundation

Adam Decker is no stranger to the Billings area. Growing up in Billings and graduating from Senior High School, he’s deeply rooted in the local community. After completing his education at MSU Billings with a degree in accounting, he embarked on a journey that led him to his current role at Briggs Distributing, where he’s been working since 2010. Over the years, Adam’s commitment and dedication have allowed him to explore various facets of the business, granting him a comprehensive understanding of the company.

His connection to Briggs Distributing isn’t just professional; it’s also personal. Adam has had the privilege of working alongside his family members, including his dad, sister, and brother-in-law. Beyond the workplace, Adam’s family extends to his lovely wife, Amy, and their two children, Arlo and Allie, who bring joy to his life every day.

 A Journey with Chinook Horses Begins

Adam’s involvement with Chinook Horses started as a joint effort with his wife, Amy. The couple was on the lookout for a charitable cause that resonated with both of their passions. With Amy’s background as an Occupational Therapist and Adam’s love for horses, Chinook Horses emerged as the perfect fit. Their desire to give back to the community aligned seamlessly with the organization’s mission.

Through their contributions, Adam and Amy have played an integral role in supporting Chinook Horses. Today, he proudly serves as the organization’s Treasurer and is a valued member of the board. Moreover, Adam’s family and Briggs Distributing have contributed by providing beverages for events and making generous monetary donations, solidifying their commitment to the cause.

The Heart of Chinook Horses

For Adam, the heart of Chinook Horses lies in its ability to bring people, especially children, into contact with horses. He recognizes the therapeutic value of equine interactions, providing individuals with a chance to step away from screens and venture outside their comfort zones. With an ever-expanding reach into the community, Chinook Horses collaborates with various organizations to offer equine facilitated learning and therapy. Adam firmly believes in the positive impact of these programs and envisions a future where equine partnerships enhance lives on a broader scale.

Sharing the Vision

While Adam is passionate about Chinook Horses, he wishes more people were aware of the organization’s incredible services. As a member of the board, he’s actively working to raise awareness and expand the organization’s capacity to serve the community. He believes that by spreading the word, more lives can be touched and transformed through the power of equine therapy.

A Call to Action

To those considering getting involved with Chinook Horses, Adam’s message is clear: reach out and contribute in whatever way you can. “There are numerous ways to help such as being on one of our committees, attending a dinner or the Kentucky Derby Day event, or even stacking hay. The more people involved the better the word gets out about the great services Chinook Horses is providing to our community,” says Decker.

Adam Decker’s journey with Chinook Horses exemplifies the remarkable impact that one person, fueled by passion and community spirit, can make. His story is an inspiration to us all, reminding us that when we come together with a shared purpose, we have the power to create lasting change.


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