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Participants learn essential emotional and social skills with the help of our herd.

Chinook Horse Programs

the locked horse key icon represents our Key Programs at Chinook Horses

Leadership Development

Provides an opportunity for neurodiverse & remote learning children to socialize in a safe environment while obtaining leadership skills. Sean Covey's 7 Habits of Highly Effective Kids is used with equine-assisted activities. It is facilitated by a former school counselor, equine specialist, and a herd of horses.


Social Thinking Group

Serving children with learning differences &/or trauma history who might otherwise not have social opportunities. It integrates the Eagala model with the Zones of Regulation & The Rules & Tools of Social Thinking curriculums. Evidence-based approaches are used to address learning, emotional, & social skills that are not acquired through typical office-setting or the classroom environment.

Trauma Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Done on an individual basis with those striving to overcome trauma.

 Equine Facilitated 1:1 Therapy

Works with individuals on therapeutic goals such as increased self- esteem, managing anxiety, & depression.

Natural Lifemanship

Trauma-informed care that addresses relational challenges and development. Incorporates Rhythmic Riding. Facilitated by a licensed therapist certified in EMDR, an equine specialist and one horse.

Call or e-mail for enrollment information on the following:
(917)903-0873 -

Substance Use Disorder Groups

Mostly for adults, therapeutic activities are focused on substance abuse recovery.

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