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Introducing Josh Hale: Our Newest Board Member

A new face is stepping up to join the board of Chinook Horses, bringing with him a wealth of local knowledge and a deep-seated dedication to community service. Meet Josh Hale, whose journey reflects the spirit of the Big Sky Country and a dedication of service.

"I am a lifelong resident of Billings, having grown up here and graduating from Billings Senior High in 1991," Josh shares, reminiscing about his roots firmly planted in the Magic City. While his initial dream was to become a professional bowler, inspired by his family's involvement in the local bowling alley, Fireside Lanes, Josh's academic pursuits led him elsewhere. He pursued higher education at Wichita State University in Kansas, where his talent on the lanes earned him a bowling scholarship and membership on two national championship collegiate teams.

Despite his departure for college, Billings remained his home, drawing him back after earning a degree in business administration and completing accounting courses to become a CPA. His professional journey has woven through roles at Avitus Group and Anderson Zurmuehlen, ultimately landing him as a partner at Ferro, Willett, and Thompson.

Beyond his professional achievements, Josh's commitment to family and community shines brightly. "I have been married to Dennette for 12 years, and we have four children between us," he shares with a warmth that speaks volumes. Together, they find joy in exploring the great outdoors, attending local sporting events, and cherishing the moments that make Billings feel like home.

It was through his professional endeavors that Josh first crossed paths with Chinook Horses. "I first became aware of Chinook Horses when the organization became a client of mine at Ferro, Willett & Thompson in June 2023," he explains. Impressed by the dedication of the organization's staff, he eagerly accepted an invitation to join its board this past January.

Reflecting on his experience, Josh remarks, "The best thing about the work of Chinook Horses is the passion for the clients exhibited by Abigail and the staff." With a desire to expand awareness and support for Chinook Horses within the Billings community, Josh emphasizes, "I wish that more people knew that Chinook Horses exists." His vision for the organization is clear: to amplify its impact and raise awareness about the transformative power of equine-assisted activities.

Drawing from his tenure as the former board chair for Parents, Let's Unite for Kids (PLUK), Josh understands the importance of providing services to individuals with diverse needs. "I know the importance of providing services to clients with learning, emotional, and social challenges," he affirms, underscoring his commitment to advocating for marginalized communities.


To those intrigued by Chinook Horses' mission, Josh extends an open invitation: "I would encourage anyone wanting to become involved with Chinook Horses to ask questions about the equine-assisted activities and why they are successful." With Abigail's guidance and expertise, he assures potential supporters that answers await, inviting them to join in the journey of empowerment and healing facilitated by Chinook Horses.

As Josh Hale takes his place on the board of Chinook Horses, he brings with him a deep understanding of Billings' pulse, a passion for community betterment, and a vision for a future where equine-assisted activities enrich the lives of individuals and families throughout the city and beyond.


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