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Meet our New Development Associate: Azlynne Shellman

Chinook Horses warmly welcomes Azlynne Shellman as our new Development Associate. Azlynne, a Colorado native with a background in Social Work from Metropolitan State University, brings a unique blend of professional experience and a passion for meaningful work.

Azlynne's journey to Billings, Montana, was serendipitous. She found herself in this vibrant community after meeting her now fiancé during a work project. This personal connection led her to explore new horizons in her career and life.

Beyond her professional achievements, Azlynne finds joy in the simple pleasures of life. As a stepmom to the lively Everly and a proud owner of three dogs, she embraces the excitement that family and furry companions bring. A native of Colorado, she has a deep appreciation for the outdoors, engaging in activities like hiking, camping, and visiting national parks. Recently, her love for adventure extended underwater as she discovered a newfound passion for scuba diving.

Before joining Chinook Horses, Azlynne's professional journey primarily involved real estate, with experience in both commercial and residential sectors. However, seeking a more purposeful and fulfilling path, Azlynne decided to make a significant change in her life and career.

In Azlynne's own words, "I was looking for a big change in my life, which was to do something, for the first time, that was purposeful and felt fulfilling. In Chinook Horses, I found an intersection of what values I hold most dear; animals, kids, and mental health." Her enthusiasm for the mission of Chinook Horses is evident, as she looks forward to contributing to the organization's growth in a sustainable way, providing greater opportunities and outreach to those who can benefit from equine therapy.

While Azlynne's previous experiences include trail riding through summer camps, her connection to horses aligns with her broader passion for the well-being of both animals and individuals.

As the newest member of the Chinook Horses team, Azlynne's diverse background, commitment to purposeful work, and love for the outdoors make her a valuable addition to the organization. Her role as the Development Associate signifies a new chapter in the growth and impact of Chinook Horses, as they continue to provide therapeutic services that positively influence the lives of both children and adults in the Billings community.


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