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Staff Spotlight: Kyanne Wear

In addition to facilitating equine-assisted therapy sessions, Kyanne is a loyal volunteer who donates her time and energy to making Chinook Horses successful. She filled bags of goodies for the virtual fundraisers this past year and purchased them as her donation. “I love Abigail and her dream of putting this program out there and sticking with it. Anything I can do, big or little, to help her I do, because I believe in the program with all of my heart and soul. Just seeing how it helps people, people I have worked with and colleagues who have helped their clients through this modality is amazing.  I love working with horses. I hope Chinook Horses continues to grow and help people at all levels of need – it would be great to have our own facility one day.  Anyone who has not had the opportunity to see Chinook Horses programs in action should get to know how important it is and work to support us.”

Thank you Kyanne for your support, your dedication to this modality of therapy!  We are so fortunate to have you on board!

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