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Welcome to Chinook Horses

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We're happy you found your way here. At Chinook Horses in Billings Montana, we have a passion and belief that horses are remarkable creatures and make amazing partners in healing and improving people’s lives. You don’t have to be a horse enthusiast to benefit from interacting with these noble beings.

We provide opportunities for individuals and families to engage, learn, and thrive outside of the classroom and traditional therapeutic environments by practicing equine-facilitated activities and psychotherapy, regardless of their ability to pay. 

We also have programs for your small business, organization or group.


A Different Kind of Therapy


EFP is an experiential form of psychotherapy that involves equines. Horses can help in many areas including conflict resolution, depression, bereavement and loss, trauma, and anxiety.


or EFL covers a variety of social and emotional learning activities organized around horse experiences. Horses can be a powerful stimulus to help achieve personal goals, build self-esteem and confidence, and improve social skills, decision making, and communication.

Read the research behind equine assisted therapy here.

Struggling? We Can Help.

Questions? We have answers and will direct you towards the most helpful Equine Therapy option for you and/or your family or organization.  

Ask about our programs focused on getting you and your colleagues out of the office to work on fostering effective collaboration, communication, decision making and leadership within your small group, organization or business.

Call or e-mail on the form below.

Learn more about our programs here.


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Professional Growth

Groups seeking improvement will benefit from attending Equine Therapy sessions. You'll see and feel a positive impact in the areas of collaboration, communication, active listening, conflict resolution, stress reduction, team building, mindfulness, leadership development, problem solving and more.

We invite any small groups to join us for a session. Even a group of friends will benefit from interacting with our herd. Put your electronics down, relax and engage in self-care and growth with Chinook Horses.


Email us for more information at

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"He is not embarrassed of being in therapy, he readily brags to his friends he is doing equine therapy!"

"My son is no longer having panic attacks and doesn’t need the medications that seemed like the only available solution before we found Chinook Horses."

"It’s back to basics. He’s learning skills like breathing and communication. He’s back to wanting to talk, and to hugging. This is how I got my son back."

"It is very empowering to see a group connecting with each other; while bringing healing by partnering with a horse. This couldn’t be replicated in an office setting."

read more about our success here

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